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Good Aura empowers local businesses and nonprofits to radiate excellence in their industries and communities through our wholesome digital marketing services.

business is personal, as it always should be

No one is more passionate about what you do best than, well, you.  But that doesn’t mean the weight of the world should rest on your shoulders.  Success is built upon genuine relationships that empower you to take risks, innovate solutions, bounce back from any setbacks, and have fun along the journey.  So when we work together, we win together.

what we do best

Your business needs are unique. So why would you ever settle for cookie cutter solutions? Our digital marketing services focus on what’s important to you and your customers right now and in the long-run.

search engine optimization

SEO is a powerful, cost-effective strategy to building positive brand awareness, website traffic, online rankings, and quality leads.


creative writing

Strong, authentic copywriting provides value, evokes emotion, triggers curiousity, and communicates what you stand for.

pay-per-click advertising

PPC, or paid search, is a strategy for promoting your products and services through online ads. Google Ads, YouTube, remarketing, and more.

mobile-friendly web design

A clean, responsive website is like a modern-day resume: it defines your brand and purpose while instilling trust with your customers.

social media management

Social media is time-consuming, but the payoff is huge: improved brand awareness, reputation, loyalty, engagement, and website traffic.

website maintenance

Regularly updating and maintaining your website ensures that you’re running at full capacity with security against malware and data breaches.

founded on good intentions

In 2019, Carlos Monteblanco envisioned Good Aura being more than just another digital marketing agency, but rather a go-to partner for startups, enterprises, and nonprofit organizations who value fun, authenticity, innovation, growth, and success.

The secret to good

first impressions:

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